Georgia Barndominium Builders

Georgia’s housing market has exploded, causing the state to be named the “most overpriced housing market” in the country, according to a recent study. While experts are waiting for the market to burst, others have transitioned to building a barndominium in Georgia.

The barndo trend is popular, with people wanting to live in homes that have open floor plans and match the barn-style home that is featured in every upscale real estate magazine.

Plus, many barndominium builders in Georgia have a shop-combo, allowing owners to enjoy functionality that many homes don’t offer. If you’re considering building a barndo in Georgia, the first thing you need to look at is legality.

Is It Legal to Build a Barndominium in Georgia?

Georgia is known for its beautiful scenery and vast amounts of affordable land, especially if you stay within the northern part of the state. Relaxed laws have led to many people living off-grid in the state.

However, you must consider the city’s zoning laws and restrictions because they can change dramatically from one area to the next.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ll face?

  • Waste disposal

If you build a barndo closer to the city, you’ll need to connect to local sewer lines, which is expensive if you have a lot of land. Otherwise, you can opt to go into rural areas where you’re permitted to have a septic system and well.

Strict rules regarding the distance of a septic from the home and a water line must be met, but they’re usually 100 feet apart.

Meeting zoning laws will allow you to build nearly any structure as long as it meets the city and county requirements. You may find restrictions on building height, but most barndos will not come close to these limits.

Things to consider when choosing your land:

  • Agriculture: If you want a mini farm or to engage in any form of agriculture, you may need to have land zoned for agricultural use. You can have a garden or greenhouse, but you may have strict restrictions on farm animals.
  • Rural: Any land that is zoned rural residential is often the easiest to build on because there are fewer restrictions. However, you’ll need to consider the cost of additional site work, utilities and septic systems.
  • Single-family residential: Another type of zoning that you may come across is single-family residential. Often, these areas are inside of city limits and will have requirements for waste disposal, such as connecting to the local sewer system.

If you plan to conduct any form of commercial activity, you’ll need land zoned for commercial use or to have the land rezoned for the purpose. Rezoning may require the approval of your neighbors or at least no complaints from anyone for a specific period of time before the rezoning is approved.

Since local laws can change and are complex in certain areas, working with a qualified builder can make the process as stress-free as possible. Builders understand local laws, can apply for permits and deal with the inspection

Why Are Georgia Homeowners Choosing Barndos?

Barndominiums have become a popular choice for Georgia residents because they offer so many advantages, including:


Generally, barndos are more affordable than stick-built homes. The materials are more affordable, and they’re quicker to build, which means lower labor costs.

The cost of building a barndo in Georgia is between $140 and $220 per square foot on average. Kits will cost about $20 per square foot, but this is just for the kit itself. The cost to construct and finish the building and site is not factored into this cost.

The cost to build a traditional home in Georgia can be as high as $500 or more per square foot.


Another big reason Georgia homeowners are building barndos is that they offer such a high level of customization.

Many barndominiums have clearspan framing, which creates a fully open space inside. That gives you the freedom to create whatever kind of layout you want.

You can add lofts, extra bedrooms, unique spaces and more. If you can dream it, you can build it with a barndo.

Durability and Longevity

Barndominiums built with metal frames, roofing and siding are long-lasting and highly durable. They’re not susceptible to pest damage, rotting and other concerns that come with wooden-framed homes.

They also have higher fire resistance.

As an added bonus, barndos are so easy to maintain. They don’t require frequent exterior painting and are built with corrosion-resistant steel.

Same Creature Comforts

Barndos provide the rustic farmhouse look with all of the creature comforts of a standard home. These buildings are constructed to be highly energy efficient, have large open areas, workshops and more to make them the perfect home.

You can work with a builder to customize your home to meet your family’s needs.

Who Builds Barndominiums in Georgia?

Looking for barndominium builders in Georgia? We’ve rounded up some of the top builders and kit manufacturers in the state.


SteelCo Buildings

55 Oxford Business Pkwy, Suite A

Oxford, GA 30054

SteelCo offers a wide range of steel building products and plans, including barndominiums. Their barndo plans range from 2,376 square feet to 3,928 square feet. Buyers are free to customize their plans and create the home of their dreams.

Their plans include fully dimensional floor plans, building sections, roof plans, exterior elevations, electrical plans, and schedules and details. Buyers can use these plans to start getting bids from contractors to build their new homes.

Prospective buyers can get a free quote from the company’s website.

Georgia Metals

georgia metals barndominiums

539 General Daniel Ave., North, Danielsville, GA 30633

Georgia Metals offers fully customizable barndominiums at competitive pricing. All of their structures feature Valspar protection against weather and UV damage.

The company is family owned and operated, and they stand by their products. They offer free quotes through their website.

Along with barn homes, Georgia Metals also offers steel buildings, metal roofing, pole barns, agricultural products, gutters and more.

Barndominiums Of Georgia

barndominiums of georgia

8990 Highway 5 Douglasville, GA 30134

If you’re looking for a barndominium for sale in Georgia, Barndominiums of Georgia is a great place to start.

The company has standard floor plans that you can customize to match your vision.

The company can assist with the design, planning and construction of your new barndominium. They also offer steel kits that are packed and ready for shipping.

Albany Metal Buildings–barndominiums.html

Albany Metal Buildings serves all of Dougherty County and neighboring areas, including Bainbridge, Thomasville, Moultrie, Valdosta and Tifton. They specialize in metal homes and barndominium construction.

The company claims that they can ship out barndo kits to anywhere in the U.S. within one week.

Albany Metal Buildings offers free quotes over the phone.