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Barndominium Interior Design Styles & Inspiration

Thinking of building your own modern barn house? Barndos are fast and cost-effective to construct, durable and low-maintenance, and easy to personalize.

In fact, no matter your personal style, you can make the interior of a barndominium a perfect representation of your aesthetics.

If you are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to explore the interiors of half a dozen breathtaking barndominiums.

How Do You Choose the Right Style for Your Barndo Interior?

The sky is the limit as far as interior design styles go for barndominiums: minimalist, contemporary, rustic, mid-century modern, industrial, farmhouse, alpine—so many styles can look great in these open, expansive homes.

To choose the style that is right for you, here are a few quick tips:

  • Consider the structure, shape, and materials of the house itself. If you have gone with a really modern look for the barndominium, it might clash to have a rustic interior—or vice versa. Then again, sometimes a contrast of styles can produce a mesmerizing effect. You will have to decide.
  • Think about where the windows will be, and what kind of connection you want with the outdoors. If you are in an especially scenic area, you are going to want to appreciate the views through your barndo windows to the fullest, and to create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. That could mean choosing a rustic interior design style with natural materials—or it might mean going with a minimalist aesthetic that keeps the focus entirely on the structure of your home and the views outside.
  • You might build a style around your existing furnishings and décor. If you have the budget for it, you might be planning on starting over from scratch when it comes to interior design. But maybe you don’t have that kind of money, or you just do not want to part with the items you already have and cherish. If so, you may want to just build from what you have. If you have mid century modern furniture, consider an MCM aesthetic. If you have a lot of homespun décor, consider a rustic look, and so forth.
  • Choose a unified style, or mix and match elements you like. Picking a single style and making sure all of the elements in your home fit that style can provide a really unified look and feel. But a lot of people enjoy mixing together diverse elements these days, so that is always an option as well.
  • Go with a style that uplifts you. Whatever you decide to do, the most important rule is this: just make your barndominium beautiful! Whatever uplifts you and makes you feel at home every day is going to be the perfect look for your interior.

The best way to visualize the possibilities is to take a look inside a barndominium—or rather inside of several! Let’s check out barndominium interior pictures which beautifully showcase different design styles.

6 Barndominium Interior Ideas You Will Love

1. Georgia Style

georgia style modern & rustic interior barn
© Eric Roth

Going for a contemporary, open look, that still has some rustic touches? You should feel inspired by the interior shots of this gorgeous Grey barn home located in Martha’s Vineyard by Hutker Architects.

© Eric Roth

The home features a simple color scheme dominated by white and wood tones. The open interior with its vaulted ceiling is unbelievably spacious. The wood beams, railings, and window frames provide an elegant contrast with the white walls.

grey barn interior
© Eric Roth

The stone doorway in the loft, together with the exposed beams, bring textural interest to the main living spaces.

grey barn interior bedroom
© Eric Roth

The bathroom wall of windows offers incredible views, bridging indoors and outdoors from the master bedroom.

Architect: Hutker Architects - Construction: Holmes Hole Builders - Photos: Eric Roth 

2. Modern, Yet Cozy

For a completely different style, we can turn to this Aspen barndo built by Studio B Architects.

You can tell from the façade alone that this house has a very different look. It is much more modern than the home we looked at in GA.

The interior features a much steeper pitch to the ceiling, drawing the eye upward, while the front end of the home is all windows. Alcoves in the walls house window seats, simple, minimalist cabinets, and a fireplace.

As this photo shows, one doesn’t need to sacrifice coziness for a modern look. The seating in front of the TV and fireplace looks super comfortable.

Architects:  Studio B Architects - Photos: James Florio

3. Scandinavian

Love the Scandinavian style?

Then you will adore House EFFE-E in Italy by Archiplanstudio.

The eye-catching exterior shows off huge windows, complete with shutters that can be pulled across them when desired for privacy or protection from the weather.

While the barndo we checked out in Aspen was modern, it wasn’t necessarily minimalist.

But this interior definitely qualifies.

In the kitchen, we have cabinets that are integrated into the walls, and a counter that is essentially a floating slab. The kitchen table is a thin wedge, making for a clean look with minimal obstructions.

Upstairs, we have an open floor plan that unites the bedroom, bathroom, and study all in one space. There are little “nooks” built in on the left to help separate the functional spaces, but you can look straight across the standalone tub to the bed from the desk. Light spills through the windows on the right, illuminating the entire area and offering beautiful views.

Architects: Archiplanstudio  Photos: Davide Galli

4. Modern Minimalist

The next barndo we have to share is Casa Ry, a residence in Denmark by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects.

The barndo’s exterior definitely shouts “barn.” But the metal roofing and the elegant cladding does a good job drawing attention to simple geometric forms, immediately conveying a minimalist modern aesthetic.

As you will see, that aesthetic continues in the interior.

Here we have the living room and kitchen, which are combined into one space. This barndo’s main living area isn’t as spacious as some of the others we have looked at, but the feeling is still one of openness.

This is achieved through the minimalist furnishings and sparse décor. Indeed, aside from a rug underneath the coffee table, almost everything we see is entirely functional in its design.

There is a strong focus on horizontals. Notice how the back wall of the kitchen is a darker color than the wall and ceiling above. It lines up exactly with the windows that span the walls on either side. This pulls the eye down from the ceiling to this flattened “slice” that runs through the center of our vision. In doing so, it also draws the eye through the windows to the great outdoors, making it feel like they are also somehow a part of the living room.

The choice in furnishings adds to this effect. Notice how low the sofa is, and how this adds to this emphasize on horizontal lines.

The distinctive light fixture you see next to the sofa is from the AJ Collection by Louis Poulsen. While integrating well with a modern minimalist interior, we think this light would also probably be at home in an industrial barndo interior.

Architects: Christoffersen & Weiling Architects  Photos: Tina Stephansen

5. Contemporary

Also on the minimalist side of things, we have The Barn House by BURO II.

This home started out as an “old barn.” That is pretty impressive, considering “old” is about the last thing it looks like. Both inside and out, everything looks contemporary and fresh.

How do you make a barndominium look like a house?

Contemporary décor is one way to do it.

This beautiful shot of the main living space shows the night sky through the big windows in stark contrast to the white walls and sofa. A single red pillow on the couch adds another pop of vivid contrast.

Decorative touches in this interior are minimal, and as much floor and wall space has bee left wide open as possible.

Architects: Buro 2

6. Rustic

While we have focused mostly on modern interiors in this list, you might be looking for something that is a bit more rustic for a more farmhouse-inspired look.

This barndominium by Carney Logan Burke Architects is simply and aptly named “The Barn.”

It is one of our go to builds when someone asks us for an example of rustic barndo.

Indeed, the outside of the home looks very much like a classic barn—except of course for the huge section of glass windows at one end, offering a peek inside.

You can see from this shot that this home is surrounded by beautiful fields and trees. So, the occupants are able to enjoy breathtaking views.

Now you can check out the view through the windows for yourself.

Wow …! It is even more amazing than you might have guessed, right? On the right, we see some rustic kitchen cabinets. Directly in front of the window is an exercise area. What an incredible spot to work out.

You will notice that even in this more rustic barndo, decorative touches are minimal. This makes sense, being as it helps keep attention on the structure of the barndominium itself, as well as the fantastic scenery outside. The gambrel shape of the ceiling combined with the wood panels, beams, and supports, is decorative in its own right.  

While the materials used in this interior are rustic, there are still some undeniably modern aspects to the design. We see a lot of clean lines here.

Here is a look at the bedroom. While the furnishings add a modern edge, the overall look and feel is bucolic.

Interior Designer: WRJ Design - Architects: Carney Logan Burke - Photos: Audrey Hall Photography

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out some stunning examples of barndominium interiors, you probably can’t wait to get started decorating your own project.