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Are you planning to build a barndo in Alabama? Good news – the state is one of the best for building a barndominium. With favorable land prices and regulations, it’s easy to build the home of your dreams without spending a fortune.

Plus, there are many quality and reputable Alabama barndominium to choose from.

Barndominiums In Alabama Are Booming

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Here’s Why

Like any other state, Alabama has building codes and regulations that need to be followed. But none of these regulations will stop you from building a barndominium on your property.

Alabama is a favorable state for building a barndo for many reasons:

  • It’s naturally beautiful.
  • Land is readily available and more affordable than other states.
  • The cost of constructing a barndo is cheaper compared to stick-built homes.
  • The cost of building in Alabama is generally less expensive than in other parts of the country.

While there are many benefits to building in Alabama, there are still building regulations that you will need to follow to legally construct your barndo.

Alabama Building Regulations

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Understanding the state’s building regulations and how to build a barndo in Alabama will help ensure that your build goes as smoothly as possible.

Some of the most important regulations that will affect your build are:

#1 – Zoning Regulations

Zoning regulations dictate how you can use your land and the type of structures that can be built on it. Depending on your location, zoning can cover many things. The local county sets regulations. You should be able to contact your local zoning department to learn more.

Typically, areas are zoned for either commercial or residential use. However, in more rural areas of Alabama, land may be used for commercial and residential purposes. This type of zoning would allow you to use part of your barndo as a business.

Alabama is home to many rural areas that may offer commercial and residential zoning options. This makes the state especially favorable if you want to open a farm, ranch or small business on your property.

#2 – Setback and Height Requirements

The county will also have setback and height requirements for your barndominium.

  • Setback requirements tell you how far your structure must be from the property line. For example, your barndo may need to be a minimum of 15 feet from the property border on all sides.
  • Height requirements dictate how tall your barndo can be. For example, you may not be able to build a home that’s 40 feet tall.

Both of these requirements will be set by the county. You can find this information on the county’s website in many cases. Generally, neither of these regulations are too restrictive in Alabama and shouldn’t prevent you from building the barndo of your dreams.

#3 – Home Size Requirements

Alabama has a minimum and maximum home requirements that you’ll need to keep in mind. However, both are favorable for anyone looking to build a barndo:

  • Minimum of 150 square feet for the first occupant and 100 square feet for each additional occupant.

As for maximum home size, you’ll need to check the local county for its restrictions as it varies. Unless you plan on building a large, sprawling barndo, you likely won’t need to be concerned with maximum size restrictions. On the other hand, you probably will not be able to build a tiny barndo with the current restrictions.

These are just a few of the regulations that you’ll need to keep in mind when building your barndo. There may be additional restrictions and other things to consider when it comes to detached structures and sheds.

#4 – Deed Restrictions

Another important thing to consider – and this is for any state, not just Alabama – is deed restrictions for the property you own or are considering purchasing.

Deed restrictions can also dictate how you use your land, particularly if you purchase property in an HOA neighborhood. For example, there may be restrictions on:

  • How many vehicles you can have on your property
  • Type of fencing you can build
  • Architectural style
  • Pets and animals you can keep
  • Exterior colors

If you’re looking to build a barndo in Alabama, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for unrestricted land in a rural area (although that’s not always the case). But if you do happen to be looking for property in an HOA neighborhood, they may not allow barndos.

This isn’t something that’s particular to Alabama, but something that every potential barndo owner should keep in mind before building.

Alabama Barndominium Companies

There are several reputable barndominium builders in Alabama. Some of the leading builders include:

Homestead Barndominiums

Homestead Barndominiums offers both turnkey and shell options for their barndominium floor plans. They have a portfolio of floor plans to view on their website, and they are happy to customize their homes to your needs.

The builder serves Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas.


5911 Hwy 43 N

Suite B

Northport, AL 35473


(205) 737-7813

RBC Buildings

RBC Buildings | North Alabama Barndominiums

RBC has been building post-frame buildings and installing metal roofing in North Alabama for more than 30 years. They specialize in barndominiums, but also offer commercial, agricultural and other types of metal buildings.


79404 Hwy 278

Blountsville, AL 35031


(205) 429-4411

Brocks Barndominiums

Brock's Barndominiums

Brock Ray started Brock’s Barndominiums and is a native of Oxford, Alabama. The companies contact details are:


PO Box 463

Oneonta, AL 35121


Phone: (205) 493-6224

The company offers barndos from 396 sq/ft to 1680 sq/ft, with prices ranging from $27,720 to $117,600.

Alabama’s barndominium industry is booming. Companies offering kits and their own barndo designs are small entities offering a wealth of kits and designs that offer a unique home with lower costs to build.

The manufacturers above are just a small selection of the companies currently serving residents of Alabama.

Many national companies like Worldwide Steel and MBMI are great options as well.

WorldWide Steel Buildings Alabama Barndo