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SteelCo Buildings

SteelCo is a leader in the metal building industry, offering a wide range of structures, from workshops and churches to their most popular choice: barndominiums. The versatile, cost-effective and fast-build bardominiums offer superb advantages over their stick-built counterparts.

Custom Steel Barndominiums in Georgia

barndominium builders in Georgia
Beautiful Custom Steel Barndo in Georgia

Metal building house designs allow buildings to be constructed at lightning speed, saving you both time and money in the process. Barndominiums from SteelCo offer something for every construction project with benefits that are not seen in wood construction.

The many benefits of these structures are:

Open Floor Concepts

Wood frame construction is time-tested, but there’s a downfall: no open spaces.

Steel allows for truly open floor plans that don’t require load bearing walls or interior supports that interrupt the space.

You can enjoy wide open spaces that allow your building to offer maximum space.

Customize Your Building’s Height and Width

Georgia Barndominums

Your building’s use is special. When you need a custom space, steel is superior. Barndominiums from SteelCo can be customized, allowing for custom length and widths. Buildings can be customized to your space’s unique needs.

And if you want, you can add windows, lofts or even an additional story to the building.

The only limitations that you face are your budget. Builders and clients can choose from sample designs and adapt them. Full plans are available and will be provided in a PDF document if you opt to purchase a Builder drawing set.

Exteriors to Match Any Landscape

Construction is only part of the process. Barndominiums can also conform to any landscape and design style that you wish. A wide variety of exterio- sidings and options are available with economic steel panels used in the design process.

You can choose from baked on finishes using steel panels, or you can mix in additional materials for the exterior, including:

  • Masonry
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Wood

SteelCo can help you create a look and appearance you want for your building.

Rapid Construction Time Can Save Months

Steel is more than just strong – it’s faster to erect. Plans and pre-fabrication allow for construction time to be far less than stick built. The shell of the building can be constructed as quickly as possible, allowing for interior work to begin much sooner.

100% Code Compliant

Structures are code compliant thanks to the structures meeting the industry’s highest standards. All buildings must go through local permitting and engineering calculations, and drawings help speed up this process, too.

SteelCo Floor Plans

a1 floorplan

SteelCo offers a variety of barndominium floor plans, and these plans can be customized to meet your needs.

Their collection of barndominiums include:

Design A.1

  • Single-story home with a garage
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms
  • 2,859 square feet of heated living space
  • 891 square feet of unheated living space

This home features an open living concept, with separate bedrooms and bathrooms. The master bedroom features a private full bathroom and a walk-in closet. A laundry area sits between the second and third bedrooms.

Design B.1

  • Single-story home
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • 2,376 square feet of heated living space

This home also features an open living concept, with a galley kitchen and a mud room. The master bedroom features a private bathroom and large closet. A breakfast nook and pantry are unique features of this home.

Design C.1

  • Two-story home with a garage
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • 3,928 square feet of heated living space
  • 680 square feet of unheated living space

This spacious home features the master bedroom on the first floor with an open-concept living, dining and kitchen area. A lean-to garage sits on the side of the home. The master bedroom has its own private bath and closet. The second floor features a loft, two bedrooms and an additional full bathroom.

Design D.1

  • Two-story home with a garage
  • 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • 2,634 square feet of heated living space
  • 1,653 square feet of unheated living space

This large barndominium offers plenty of space for living and working. The garage features a work area and two bays. On the main floor is the kitchen, living and dining area as well as a mud room and bathroom. Upstairs are two bedrooms and two more bathrooms with large closets. The second floor is open to the garage area below.

SteelCo offers many options when it comes to barndominiums. No matter whether you want a modest-sized or large home, SteelCo has a design and floor plan to meet your needs.

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