Wyoming Barn House

The Wyoming Barn Guest House by Carney Logan Burke Architects

All photographs courtesy of Audrey Hall

The Wyoming Barn House was built in the small town of Wilson. The home offers views of the Rocky Mountains and is on 15 acres of land. The hip roofed barn was designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects and was finished being built in 2016.

Carney Logan Burke Architects

Carney Logan is a design firm that was founded over 20 years ago in Jackson Hole. The company focuses on homes and buildings that are refined and innovative. When Carney Logan works with clients, they offer a collaborative experience and work off the power of the building’s surrounding landscape.

Carney was the firm that built the property’s main house twenty years prior.

Wyoming Barn House

The Barn House was built using reclaimed wood that is perfect for helping the barn blend in with the natural landscape. The remote site offers quiet nights and stargazing as the building’s owners use the space for a fitness room, workshop, garage and guest house.

The garage area is filled with vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles that the owner restores.

Views were very important to both the firm and the home’s owners. The home is situated in the northeast corner of the property so that both the original structure and the Barn House is able to take advantage of the natural landscape.

Out of the top floor, where the fitness equipment is located are large-scale ceiling to floor windows with views of the mountains. A gambrel roof is present that accentuates the barn’s exterior.

The entire barn spans 2,400 square feet with views of the Teton Range.

After much research, the home’s owners wanted the gambrel roof to be the starting point of the space’s design. The long-range views and large windows help to make the roof and upper level the focal point of the space.

Teton Range

On the top of the roof is a cupola that provides a beautiful visual element attracting natural sunlight in the space. The cupola acts as a skylight to the already large-scale windows in the home.

Structural Components

A major focus of the Wyoming Barn House was the use of material.

The firm and owners chose timber and steel trusses with four feet spacing throughout the building. The trusses also use reclaimed hemlock that was sourced from an old sawmill facility in Montana.

The natural components provide a rustic, organic feel in the home that allows the outdoors and indoors to flow seamlessly together.

Colors in the home were deliberately chosen to match the rural, old barn style. The colors include grey and brown. Corral fencing provides the grey barnwood and the brown barnwood actually were sourced from reclaimed rafters providing a rustic interior feeling.

Lower Level Components

The lower level of the Wyoming Barn House has retro floors with a black-and-white checkered floor. On the lower level is the garage and workshop as well as a storage and powder room. Black railing steps lead to the upper level of the barn.

Upper Level Components

Wooden walls and flooring are used in the upper floor which features a beautiful workout area, small kitchen and a guest suite. There are vaulted ceiling and a neutral color palette.

The stairs are wooden and connect the upper and lower level of the home. Cable railing is used to not distract from the home’s interior. The openness of the space is designed to allow natural light from the upper floor to beam down to the main floor of the barn to provide a welcoming, warm space.

The barn home is both spacious, functional and inviting while taking advantage of the natural landscape. It’s the ideal structure that melds with the mountain views.

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