the grey barn
Image © Eric Roth

The Grey Barn Farm by Hutker Architects

Nestled in Dukes County Massachusetts is an old barn, inspired by European farmhouses, called the Grey Barn, or the “Martha’s Vineyard farm house.” Minimalistic, yet elegant, the barn is a unique home that the family went to Hutker Architects to bring to life.

The Story Behind the Gray Barn

Grey Barn Farm
Image © Eric Roth

Molly and Eric Glasgow, expats living in London at the time, decided to move back to the United States after the 2008 financial crisis. The two knew that they wanted to return to the US, but they didn’t want to return to the life that they once knew.

The couple had short stays in Connecticut, New York and Texas, but they wanted to own a farmhouse.

So, they followed their dream and ended up purchasing a farm in Martha’s Vineyard. The farm and dairy led the couple down an interesting journey.

Georgia Style Barndominium
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They had no idea how to raise livestock, nor make cheese. The Glasgows also decided that their farm would be organic, which made life just a little more complicated. Add in the fact that the dairy wasn’t in operation since 1961, and the couple along with their two children had a lot of work ahead of them.

On top of all of this, the structure on the property wasn’t built for a family of four. The couple’s time spent as expats led them to fall in love with Belgian farmhouses. Hutker was brought on to bring the rustic, European farmhouse to the Martha’s Vineyard property.

Redefining Barn Architecture

grey barn farm martha's vineyard
Image © Eric Roth

Hutker suggested that the structure be two things:

  • Low
  • Long

The final product? The Grey Barn Farm.

Traditional European barn architecture was the inspiration for the project, but the barn has been retrofitted into a beautiful residence with a wide glass and steel entrance.

The barn’s interior uses both reclaimed timber and floors for a rustic look. Old timbers were brought in from an old barn in North Carolina.

greybarn interior design
Image © Eric Roth

The pantry counters were created using trees from the farm. The flooring is made from reclaimed wood. The beauty of these natural materials is that they age and weather in beautiful, traditional ways.

While the home certainly has a rustic vibe, it’s also progressive in many ways. The solar energy profile allows the family to power their home in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Sitting on 80 acres of land, the home has expansive views that allow the occupants to peer out into the landscape to see their cows, chickens and other livestock. Exposed beams are used in the home’s interior to provide the perfect contrast between the light floors and the darker beams.

Hutker Architects
Image © Eric Roth

The home makes extensive use of natural stone that can be seen in the kitchen area. A dining nook with a wall of windows and pendant lighting make the space a romantic area to sit and look out into the landscape.

The home’s interior design is simple yet elegant – just the way the couple wanted. Interior designer Kathleen Walsh was brought on board, and the couple gave her just one instruction: no color.

Image © Eric Roth

The exposed beams and natural wood floors made “snowy white” a fitting choice for interior paint.

The home’s architecture features simple, clean lines. An elegant stone fireplace in the living area looks naturally worn and blends in beautifully with the rustic design of the home. A large barn door in the living area opens up to the beautiful landscape, allowing the family to enjoy the outdoors anytime.

Image © Eric Roth

The Grey Barn is a wonderful example of simplicity and minimalism.

The couple’s decision to focus on natural and sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood, make this barn home truly special.

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