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Greg James Designs

If you’re planning to build a barndo on your property, it’s important to find and work with a designer who knows and understands this unique building type. Greg James Design specializes in custom barndominium designs to help bring your dream home to life.

Offering decades of experience, the company’s plans are the first step to building your new barndo. They are one of the best in the industry and go the extra mile to help customers visualize and plan their projects.

An Original Custom Barndominium Designer

Greg James Designs LLC was founded by lead designer Greg James, who began his career building boats along the Gulf Coast of Texas. In 1997, he discovered and pursued his dream of design and layout. Over the last 20 years, he has designed countless buildings in the commercial and residential sectors.

Greg is just one piece of the puzzle at this design firm. Greg James Designs employs a large team of designers that help bring building projects to life. The company is headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Greg James Designs specializes in barndos, giving them a unique edge for customers wanting a pole barn home.

All of their designs are unique and custom-made for buyers.

Barndo Design Services Nationwide

Greg James Designs offers more than just Oklahoma pole barn home plans. They offer barndo design services nationwide, and they strive to provide their services at an affordable rate. The firm’s website features testimonials from happy customers from across the country, including Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Texas.

Their plans are tailor-made for you, so you won’t find your home design anywhere else. The design team will work closely with you to ensure that they create a layout and design that meets your needs.

The firm provides the plans, but it’s up to you to handle the financing, find a contractor, secure the necessary permits and take care of the site work. The company does offer helpful videos on going through the rest of the building process, which can help you move forward with confidence. Financing and contractor selection are just a few of the topics they cover in their informative videos and website content.

What Do Custom Plans Include?

A complete set of plans will include:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Foundation plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Elevations
  • Second floor framing
  • 3D renderings

For an additional fee, the firm will provide a more detailed interior design plan or a site plan. Engineer stamped foundation plans are also available at an additional cost.

Other Design Services

In addition to barndos, the company also offers designs for home renovations and equestrian centers.

The equestrian plans unit is a new offering from the company. Contact the design team to learn more.

Their home renovation or remodeling plans include:

  • Demo plan if needed
  • Complete set of architectural drawings
  • Interior design plans if needed
  • 3D renderings

Getting Started with Your Barndo Plans

To get started with Greg James Designs, the first step is to fill out a quote form. The more details you can provide when filling out the form, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address where the building will be placed
  • Building type
  • The home size you want
  • Side wall height
  • Garage doors (if any)
  • How many windows you want and their sizes
  • Roof pitch
  • How many doors you want and their sizes
  • Porches and sizes
  • Wainscot
  • Colors

You may not have all of this information at the start, or maybe you need a little help figuring out what you want. The design team at Greg James Designs will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have about your new home.

The design team is also available by appointment Monday-Friday. Scheduling an appointment or filling out a quote form can help you take the next steps to building your barndo.

Of course, some buyers have done all of their research and have a very specific idea in their head about what they want. In this case, the quote form allows you to communicate your vision as clearly as possible, making it easier for the design team to create a design that you will love.

With more than 30 years of experience in the construction and design industry, Greg James Designs offers the expertise you need to build your dream barndominium.

2000 E 15th St. Bldg.300 Ste.B Edmond, OK 73013

Mailing Address. P.O. Box 32194 Edmond, OK 73003


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