House Plans by David Wiggins

House Plans by David Wiggins

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David Wiggins is an Austin-based architect and a leading provider of stock house plans in the United States. He creates plans for a wide variety of home styles, including the increasingly popular barndominium style.

Wiggins says his inspiration comes from two levels:

  • Function: First and foremost, he studies the way people live and use their spaces.
  • Aesthetics: Form follows function, according to Wiggins.

Wiggins starts his designs with pure function in mind. From here, the design evolves into something unique and beautiful.

During college, Wiggins was inspired by California-based Greene & Greene. While the contemporary trend is nice, he believes that people will eventually return to more traditional home designs. His home plans often blend contemporary and traditional styles to create unique homes designed for people.

All of the plans from David Wiggins meet or exceed the International Residential Code (IRC) building standards, but they are not engineered. Stock plans can also be modified to meet HOA requirements or your personal preferences.

The plans from David Wiggins are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

David Wiggins Ranch Style Barndominium House Plans

David Wiggins is a progressive architect, and his vast collection of house plans also includes barndominiums for virtually every buyer and budget.

Some of Wiggins’ barndominium plans include: