WIck Buildings

Wick Buildings is one of the nation’s leading post-frame builders. The builder has a reputation for offering only the best buildings with high-end materials able to withstand extreme weather conditions and exceed local codes.

Wick History

Wick is an award-winning post-frame builder that has been in operation since 1954 and has overseen over 75,000 sales. The builder, one of the largest post-frame builders in the US, creates wood-frame structures that are covered in steel panels.

The builder operates out of their Mazomanie, Wisconsin office and offers their customers the following:

  • Design services
  • Engineering services
  • Fabrication
  • Shipping
  • Construction

Exterior covering materials may be steel, or they may be block, brick or other exterior materials.

The Wick Build Process

Every project is slightly different, but manufacturing always takes place at one of Wick’s production plants. The clear-span trusses and columns are some of the strongest in the industry and offer widths of up to 100’ for the trusses.

The interior options offer wide-open, expansive spaces thanks to the no load-bearing wall design.

Load-bearing walls are only present where the trusses attach to the exterior wall. Rolled steel is use for multiple components, including:

  • Liners
  • Roofing
  • Trim

All of the building’s components, including any doors, windows or lumber are then placed into the trailers and delivered to the job site. When the building materials arrive, we’ll either construct the building ourselves or work with one of the trained, qualified local builders.

Wick makes sure that if a local builder is responsible for your building’s construction, they follow the company’s building process precisely.

What Sets Wick Buildings Apart from the Competition?

Wick Buildings has a reputation for being one of the best post-frame builders in the United States. The company works diligently to set themselves apart from the competition and has done so in a few ways:

  • Professional Engineers: A team of professional engineers works with Wick to make sure that every building is up to code and makes use of the best technology available today. The designers will work with you to design and construct a building that meets your needs and can last the test of time.
  • Quality: All of the materials used in the construction process are designed to last longer than competing materials. Machine graded and evaluated lumber offers 15% more strength than traditional lumber.
  • Warranty: Wick backs every structure with an extensive warranty that includes a Building Packages Warranty and a Wick Construction Services Warranty.
  • Large Partner Network: If Wick’s own builders cannot construct your home, a partner in your area will perform the work. These independent builders are trained to meet the highest standards set by Wick Buildings.
  • Steel and Paint Difference: Harsh weather is met with full-hard steel that has 80,000 PSI versus 30,000 PSI. Dents and repairs are kept to a minimum with the strong steel used in every building. On top of this benefit, the materials are 50% more corrosion resistant than G-60 steel. Paint is warrantied for 40 years against cracks and chips.

Wick is a safety- and quality-first builder that trains every crew to meet the highest industry standards possible. If any issues do occur during the building process, the crews are insured to protect against liability.

Wick Buildings Specialties

Wick Buildings has a wide range of plans that you can browse to begin building a structure that meets your needs. Home plans range from less than 500 square feet up to 2,300+ square feet. You can select plans that have 1 to 3+ bedrooms and 1 to 2.5+ bathrooms.

If you have a unique project in mind, the professional engineers can design a plan that works best for your needs.

Wick Buildings offers a wide range of buildings, including:

Residential Post Frame

Residential plans are available, with the smallest plans including a one- or two-bedroom home with a single bath. The Grant and Bayfield, both the smallest plans, span 768 square feet. If you’re interested in larger residential homes, there are plans up to 2,280 square feet.

The Lincoln is the largest plan currently on the site and has a three-bedroom, two-bathroom design.

You can view and download all plans on the builder’s site. The listing for each plan includes the following information:

  • Style
  • Master size
  • Non-master sizes
  • Living area features
  • Garage
  • Garage size and type
  • Porches

You can browse through the plans, view the layout and discuss your building options with Wick Buildings to find a plan and layout that’s best for you.

Wick Buildings Shouse

One of the most popular offers is the “Shop House,” or shouse. These structures offer massive spaces for storage or workshops while also including living quarters. A shouse must:

  • Meet local building requirements
  • Account for snow and wind loads

Wick Buildings covers every detail of a shouse, from energy efficiency to lighting, plumbing and sewer. You can view all of the shouse plans under the builder’s residential plans.

Wick Pole Barns

Pole barns are one of the cornerstone buildings in Wick’s portfolio. The builder makes extensive use of their partner network to offer pole barns that follow the company’s building techniques for every component, from the foundation to the insulation.

Whether you want to build a pole barn house, garage or shed, there are options available through Wick.

If you work with Wick on a pole barn, you’ll:

  • Work directly with building engineers
  • Share ideas with builders
  • Discuss options for storage, roofing, ventilation, insulation and more

Once you’ve talked with the engineers, design software is used in the next stage, allowing blueprints to be created. Reviews of the plans are done before construction.

Wick Buildings focuses primarily on residential construction, but they also offer:

  • Commercial
  • Agriculture
  • Horse Barns

Wick Buildings aims to make their clients happy. A professional engineer will walk you through the construction and planning stages of your build. Every structure is backed by a clear, robust warranty.

If you plan on working with Wick Buildings, they’ve partnered with numerous financial institutions that will offer financing for your project. The lenders know the pole barn construction process and offer rapid applications and easy funding options for your Wick Building.

Featured Builds & Floor Plans from Wick

Shop House Floor Plan from Wick Buildings

The Lincoln Shouse Plan by Wick Buildings

Visit WickBuildings.com to get started.