La Trufera House

La Trufera House by Rodrigo Aguilar

Rodrigo Aguilar’s La Trufera House was erected in Rio Bueno, Chile in 2019. As the home’s architect, Rodrigo Aguilar worked with five main manufacturers to bring his vision to life.

The manufacturers of the home include:

  • Arauco
  • BTicino
  • Infodema
  • Stretto
  • Volcanita

The home spans 143 m2 and sites on almost 4 hectares in southern Chile. The lot is filled with holm oaks, and the home sits almost exactly in the middle of the lot. The project started with the purchase of a barn that was nearly 80 years old and near the current property.

The old barn proved to be a challenge, as the team wanted to reuse the old woods from the barn as much as possible in their new home.

Constructing the Barn on the Land’s Slope

Rodrigo Aguilar utilized a large gable roof and used reinforced concrete on the two parallel walls of the home to allow for the support it needed to solve the slope of the land. Stairs connect the main floor with the rest of the home.

A parking lot and woodshed complete the home.

The upper level utilizes pillars, oak beams and shoulders from the original barn to give it an authentic, rustic look. There’s also a master bedroom, two bedrooms and an additional room that can function as a work room or guest bedroom.

La Trufera House also boasts a living room, dining room and day area.

Glass and oak cover the north and south facades of the home. Recycled material and the high reuse of the home show the home’s environmentally friendly design.

The front of the home features large top and bottom floor windows with a small break for added support. The windows provide a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Large side windows provide ample light while also providing additional heating from the interior of the space.

On the exterior of the home is the old barn’s galvanized steel that remains weather and provides a rustic look to the barn. Rodrigo Aguilar brought his vision to life with the La Trufera House that fits perfectly into the natural surroundings and looks like it stood the test of time with a weathered exterior and the reuse of the old barn’s wood.

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