Pennsylvania Farmhouse

A Stunning White Pennsylvania Farmhouse By Cutler Anderson Architects

Situated in hilly northeastern Pennsylvania, Cutler Anderson’s stunning white farmhouse is a modern take on this classic home style.

About Cutler Anderson Architects

Cutler Anderson Architects was founded in 1977, and the firm has always been focused on sustainability. The firm has completed projects across three continents and in a wide variety of industries, including churches, resorts, libraries, residences and other government ventures.

The firm has received 50 national and regional awards as well as six National Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Cutler Anderson has been featured in Seattle Magazine, New York Times, Dwell Magazine and more.

The Pennsylvania Farmhouse

The architects at Cutler Anderson designed the Pennsylvania Farmhouse to be simple yet modern. The white home faces South, which ensures it stays warm in the winter. In summer, tower sliding shutters allow the owners to block out the hot summer midday sun.

These shutters still allow in some light even when closed, so the home still feels bright and airy. They do an excellent job of keeping the home cool. When closed, they reduce inside temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The home spans 3,000 square feet to provide the owners with a generous amount of space. It sits at the top of a rolling hill, offering stunning views of the landscape. The home was designed for a large family living on a 283-acre farm.

The firm designed the home to be similar to surrounding farmhouses and to meet the owner’s restricted budget. A lower surface area-to-volume ratio allowed the owners to save money while ensuring their home blended in with surrounding homes.

Care was taken to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. Even the old rock walls found throughout the property were left in place. Pennsylvania bluestone was used at the base of the home.

The home’s southern façade has expansive, towering windows that maximize daylight.

Image © David Sundberg & ESTO

The kitchen, dining and living areas are situated on the ground floor of the home as well as the master bedroom. This open area leads to a south-facing terrace overlooking the property.

Three bedrooms are located on the home’s second level and are connected by a hallway above the main social area. The placement of the rooms allows for towering ceilings in the living room and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. A home office sits at the top of the stairs with a built-in wood desk.

Wood was used extensively throughout the interior of the home, which offers a nice contrast to the all-white exterior.

Heat is provided through a floor radiant heating system that is backed by a wood-fired boiler. The boiler is fed by deadfall found in the nearby forest. A wood stove in the center of the home serves as a tertiary back-up heating system. Ducts in the ceiling capture heat from the wood stove and circulate it throughout the home.

The home is pre-wired for a solar array that will be installed in the future.

The Plan

The Pennsylvania Farmhouse has been featured in home magazines and is a testament to what can be accomplished even on a tight budget and with constraints.

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