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Hupomone California Ranch by TurnBull Griffin Haesloop

Hupomone Ranch sits on 160 beautiful acres in California’s Chileno Valley. The California barn house is owned by a young family with three children that focuses on sustainable farming. When the family wanted to build a home that was reminiscent of Petaluma’s farming and ranching culture, they tapped into the talent of TurnBull Griffin Haesloop.

TurnBull Griffin Haesloop

California barn house

TurnBull Griffin Haesloop is the firm behind this modern California barn house.

The award-winning firm is a woman-owned business that focuses on designing structures that are site sensitive and sustainable.

The firm has been involved in historic renovations, the designing of wineries and churches and has even been involved in adaptive reuse projects.

Hupomone Ranch has been designed using many of the concepts that the firm still follows today, including the following:

  • Solar orientation
  • Topography
  • Microclimate

Working intimately with the owners of the California barn house, the firm was able to meet the requirements and aspirations of the happy couple. TurnBull Griffin Haesloop is rooted in green building principles and maintains LEED accredited professionals on their team.

Inside Hupomone Ranch

The California barn house is certified LEED Platinum with a focus on energy efficiency. Hidden behind the building’s interior walls are numerous energy efficiency features that meld into the concept of sustainability.

From the insulation to the radiant heating, cooling and geothermal features, the home boasts energy efficiency at every angle.

Solar and photovoltaic panels further bring efficiency to the home to supply power.

Utilizing the natural landscape and over 160 acres of land, the home offers stunning long views of the coastal range. The living area is bright and cozy with views of the south. The kitchen is where the home brings the outdoor space indoors with slide-away windows that allow the owners to leverage the beautiful weather in the spring and summer months

When the kitchen windows slide away, they open directly to the garden, offering wonderous views and the opportunity to pick herbs or other produce for dinner.

A massive front entryway, fully windowed, frames the view of the home and shows the beautiful meadows surrounding it. The space utilizes a mixture of grey and white interior colors that brighten up the interior of the home for a complete country feel,

The staircase acts as the focal point on the home yet has a minimalistic style that allows for full view of the front or back windows. The railing offers large spacing between the bars and features the same design pattern as the top floor area. The stairs offer a floating design concept and a view of the walkway leading to the home.

Bedrooms have expansive windows that hinge open and a window seat with built-in bookcases on the walls.

The airy bathroom offers paneled walls and a large tub facing an equally large window that offers view of the countryside. The walls offer light reflection that brightens the space.

Stepping out of the home and walking over to the pool provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The pool house features a kitchenette and beautiful stone features.

Hupomone Ranch Specs

Hupomone Ranch spans 2,498 square feet, with much of the space being open and airy. The open floor plan utilizes north and south views of the adjoining meadows. The outdoor areas of the home were also a major focus for owners, with riparian restoration and native planting being used extensively.

The goal was to have the interior and exterior of the home flow together.

Exterior tables and benches are being made by the owners to complete the natural, sustainable flow of the home.

All rooms have ceiling fans to cool the space.

Hupomone Ranch is a beautiful example of sustainable building that was designed to utilize the natural landscape as much as possible. With extensive use of windows and a minimalistic interior, the home allows for views directly through the front and back areas.

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