A Modern Barndominium in Sweden by Bornstein Lyckefors
All images courtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors © Kalle Sanner

Villa Amiri – Modern Barndo in Sweden by Bornstein Lyckefors

All images courtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors © Kalle Sanner

Spanning 260 square meters, the home was designed by Bornstein Lyckefors and exemplifies Sweden modern homes.

Modern Barndo With Curb Appeal

Villa Amiri is a three-storey residence with an all-black exterior. Pine wood slats are used on the exterior and are tar treated using a technique that is common in Sweden. The technique is often used for roofs and facades to preserve the area, but when used on the Villa, it adds depth to the home.

A picket fence is seen on the outside to offer a welcoming entryway into the home.

The main feature of the interior of the home is a large, perforated steel staircase, which helps separate the ground floor’s kitchen and dining area from other living areas inside of the home. Moving to the second floor, you’ll find bedrooms and bathrooms, while the third floor is an expansive, open space.

Skylights on the top floor shine light to the lower levels of the home and work off of the staircase’s diagonal cut through the home.

Bornstein Lyckefors designed the home so that when you enter, you can look up to the expansive ceiling that spans all three floors. The diagonal staircase is really the focal point of the home and one of the main features because not only does it separate the space, but it also allows the home to feel larger than its 260 square meter size.

Interior Features and Designs

The interior of this modern barndo also includes a beautiful, black wall that sits against the staircase and includes cut outs for both design elements and sitting. Large windows and an expansive backdoor allow guests to view the home’s beautiful yard.

The perforated stairs allow light to shine through them, maximizing the space’s light while also making the space look larger from all angles of the home.

Inside the kitchen, geometrical shapes are used, including extensive usage of square and rectangular shapes in the kitchen. Beautiful under-cabinet lighting illuminates the darker wood cabinets while the light wooden island provides a beautiful contrast in the space.

Large, square windows are scattered across the home to provide ample natural light to brighten up the space.

From the upper floor, there are skylights as well as hanging pendant lights that illuminate the space. In the wall, there is a large, rectangular cutout with built in lighting and beautiful, light flooring throughout.

Villa Amiri by Bornstein Lyckefors is a beautiful, modern barndo with impeccable style, a hard-to-miss exterior and a prime example of Swedish architecture.

For more information please visit https://bornsteinlyckefors.se/

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