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The Barnam : A Barn Style Tiny House from EverywhereCo

EverywhereCo offers home plans and pre-construction services for small footprint homes. The company hopes to change home construction by simplifying the pre-construction phase and giving homeowners more control over the process.

EverywhereCo focuses primarily on tiny homes that blend in with nature rather than working against it. One plan that tiny home enthusiasts have fallen in love with is the Barnam.

In our opinion, it is the perfect small barndominium style tiny house.

A Barndo Farmhouse Inspired Tiny House

barnam tiny house plan by EverywhereCo
© Everywhereco

The Barnam is one of EverywhereCo’s barn-style tiny homes. The gable barn style has minimalistic appeal with its simple but eye-catching entrance. Spanning 859 square feet, the Barnam is much bigger than your average tiny home.

The single-story home features vaulted ceilings, sliding windowed doors and a wood burning stove.

The entryway patio features two doors. One brings you alongside the laundry room, while the other opens up alongside the bathroom. Both lead to the open living and kitchen space.

The home has an open-style kitchen. On each side of the living/kitchen space are windowed doors that allow in an abundance of natural light. A large wood burning stove sits on the opposite wall from the kitchen, with convenient wood storage on each side.

Just past the kitchen area, you’ll find two bedrooms, another bathroom, a storage closet and a pantry.

In total, the home has 28 windows, which help bring the outdoors indoors.

Home Specs

  • Total square footage: 859
  • Roof height: 16’
  • Footprint: 20’ x 60’
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Windows: 28
barn style tiny house
© Everywhereco

How Much Does the Barnam Cost?

Estimating the cost of any home is difficult because there are so many variables involved. However, EverywhereCo can help you estimate the cost of your project once you’ve created an account and start providing information about the home site location.

Their estimated base price includes everything a home will need, including finishing materials and appliances. The estimate is not the final price, but it can give you an idea of how much your Barnam will cost.

In order to build a Barnam, EverywhereCo requires that you have a builder:

  • Who is a licensed contractor
  • Has signed a Builder License Agreement with the company
  • With proof of insurance

They do not offer kits and will only sell home plans if you have a builder or use their service to find one.

What Makes EverywhereCo Different?

EverywhereCo is more than just a provider of home plans. They help buyers through the entire building process, but they do it in a modern way. EverywhereOS is the software technology that they are using to transform the construction industry and give more power to buyers.

The operating system incorporates:

  • Direct messaging, so buyers can talk to someone at EverywhereCo whenever, wherever.
  • A digital checklist, which lets you know what tasks you still need to complete and how far along you are in the building process.

In the future, EverywhereOS hopes to offer:

  • Smart contracts
  • Digital wallets
  • Crypto payments
  • DeFi home investing

The goal is to simplify and streamline the home building process to make it less complicated and more fulfilling.

Right now, EverywhereCo also offers land concierge packages to help you find a suitable property if you haven’t found one yet. They also offer other pre-build services to help you through the entire process. These services are offered a la carte, so you can pick and choose the ones you want or need. Examples include:

  • Servicing a builder and permitting
  • Land concierge and site analysis
  • Finding a builder for construction
  • Tweaking your floor plan
  • Site planning and engineering
  • Site analysis

Building a Barn Tiny House the Easy Way

EverywhereCo’s Barnam is a refreshingly modern take on the barn home style. While simple, the home incorporates everything you need to live comfortably in nature. For those who want to downsize but live in a space that’s larger than a classic tiny home, the Barnam is an excellent option. And with EverywhereCo’s streamlined OS platform, it’s easy for homeowners to move through the pre-construction process. Customizations, land acquisition and finding a builder can all be done right through the EverywhereCo platform.

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