Rafter P Construction is one of the leading luxury barndominium builders in Texas. Founded in 2002, the company specializes in barndominiums as well as commercial, farm and ranch projects. Today, they have a fleet of trucks, 50+ employees and two design centers (Greenville, TX and Decatur, TX).

Rafter P Construction builds in North Texas, and all of their homes are 100% custom.

Rafter P Build Process

Rafter P works closely with customers to build their dream homes. In fact, they encourage customers to provide their input for all aspects of the home and to work with their in-house design and drafting team.

From the financing to the building, Rafter P walks customers through every step of the process.

Here’s how the building process works:


The first step is a consultation with the Rafter P team, where you’ll discuss the details of your home. The initial meeting can be done in person or virtually. The goal is to establish your needs and wants for your barndominium.

Finalize the Design and Budget

Once a rough sketch of your floor plan has been finalized, the next step is to create a budget. After the budget and floor plan have been finalized and agreed upon, you’ll pay a drafting retainer to get the process moving.

Site Visit

The next step is to visit your home site for an assessment and to figure out the infrastructure, like utilities, septic location, building location, etc. They will also do a shoot grade to establish elevations.

Design Meeting

Now comes the fun part. The design meeting is where you’ll choose all of your home fixtures and finishes, like your countertops, flooring, colors, wall texture, etc.

Contracts and Funding

After the plans are finalized and approved by the customer, Rafter P sends them out for bid. A contract will be drawn up that includes all of the finishes you chose during your design meeting.


Finally, your home’s construction can begin. A superintendent will be assigned to your build to ensure that your new home meets the company’s quality standards.

After a final clean and walk-through, the only thing left to do is move into your brand new barndo.

Energy Efficient Barndo Experts

One advantage of using Rafter P Construction for your barndo is that their homes are incredibly energy efficient.

Here’s how the company achieves such high energy efficiency.

Super-Seal and Super-Insulate the Home’s Envelope

Rafter P super-seals their homes’ envelopes to significantly improve their energy efficiency. They offer several options for air-sealing the home, which you can choose during the design phase of construction.

Along with super-sealing the envelope, the company also super-insulates the envelope. They frame their homes in a way that minimizes thermal bridging and makes it easier to insulate the home.

Efficient Water Heating

Water heating is a big energy expense for homeowners. Rafter P sources efficient hot water heating options and incorporates other measures to minimize energy use.

Efficient Doors and Windows

Windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss and gain. Rafter P sources energy-efficient options for windows and doors and optimize their placement and orientation to maximize efficiency.

Efficient HVAC and ERV

The barndos from Rafter P are built with energy-efficient ventilation systems for healthier indoor air quality. These energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems remove stale air and replace it with fresh air while maintaining your desired indoor temperature.

Additionally, energy efficient HVAC systems are installed in their homes. They perform manual K calculations to ensure that all systems are properly sized to meet the heating and cooling needs of your home.

Efficient Lighting

The barndos from Rafter P incorporate LED lighting for improved efficiency and longevity. Natural lighting is also factored into the process and used as effectively as possible to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Solar Options

Home buyers can also choose to install grid-tied photovoltaic panels to further lower their energy costs.

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