Heritage Building Systems

Heritage Building System offers residential and commercial building spaces with a focus on steel. The company’s custom solutions and kits make them one of the leaders in the industry, with over 40,000 custom buildings completed since they opened their doors.

Who are Heritage Buildings?

Heritage Buildings first opened its doors in 1979. The owners of the company were already experienced crane operators and concrete masons, allowing them to bring their immense expertise to an area of the building industry that they saw was underserved: prefabricated metal buildings.

The company’s goal was to create kits that could be customized to the customer’s needs and shipped to their door.

Today, after 42 years, Heritage Buildings has provided 40,000+ kits to their customers, selling everything from:

  • Arenas
  • Barndos
  • Churches
  • Garages
  • Mini storage
  • Office buildings
  • Workshops

Heritage is part of the Cornerstone Building Brands company, located in Cary, North Carolina.

The company’s metal building specialists have 150+ years of experience in the industry. And this is just one of the many reasons to choose Heritage for your steel building kits.

Why Choose Heritage Buildings?

Heritage’s team focuses on meeting the needs of all customers, whether you need a complex or a small building. Strong, quality steel buildings are the focus of the company and has helped them become one of the nation’s largest pre-engineered metal building suppliers.

Choosing Heritage comes with the benefit of their:

Heritage Color Visualizer

The Color Visualizer allows you to transform your metal building in ways that are not offered by competitors. The visualizer allows you to choose from 3,600 colors to mix and match, and you can even:

  • Upload or choose an image
  • Apply panel colors
  • Select wall colors
  • Change roof, trim and accessory colors

You can even launch the color visualizer on your phone or in a browser on your computer to test it out. Robust color selections and adjustments empower you to create a steel structure that matches the neighborhood or your brand’s color scheme.

Plus, Heritage offers a superior warranty to protect your investment. The company guarantees their paint against:

  • Chalking
  • Cracking
  • Fading
  • Peeling

Metal buildings never have to be boring, thanks to the customization options offered through Heritage Buildings.

Heritage Buy Direct Program

Paying a middleman means your project cost increases dramatically. Heritage’s buy direct program is the best way to keep costs down and ensures that you receive the best price for your kit.

However, the program takes it a few steps further by allowing you to:

  • Work with a highly experienced team who is ready to help you customize your building
  • Work with a team that will send out:
    • Drawings of the build
    • Schedule and bill of materials
    • Answer any questions you have along the way

Many customers will erect their own buildings, but you may also need to work with local contractors, plumbers, electricians and others to complete your project. Heritage does not help you locate contractors due to the wide service area they serve.

However, the team is always available to respond to your own or your contractor’s questions.

Barndominium Kits by Heritage Buildings

the modern farmhouse kit by Heritage Buildings

The Modern Farmhouse Kit by Heritage Buildings

Heritage offers barndominium kits to their customers, with options that include:

  • Flexible layouts to meet the needs of your business or family
  • Exterior options designed to meet the unique building requirements of customers
  • Include all of the exterior metal building components

Multiple barndominium residential kits are available, with the most popular being:

The Rustic Cottage

The Rustic Cottage is a stunning display of craftsmanship and offers a small, budget-friendly kit. The exterior length is 50’ and the width is 25’. The design team ensured that the frame was bolt-together and the roof had a 6:12 slope.

Natural light pours into the space thanks to the 11, 4’ x 3’ horizontal windows.

The cottage can withstand winds of 130 MPH.

The Austin

The Austin offers nearly 2,400 square feet of maximum space and can be a one- or two-story home. Clear span framing allows you to enjoy an open floor plan or change the interior to be more compartmentalized.

Again, large windows allow for natural light to beam in with 8, 3’ x 3’ windows and 6, 4’ x 4’ windows.

Gutters and downspouts are provided, and multiple color options are available, too.

The Modern Farmhouse

the modern farmhouse kit by Heritage Buildings
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The Modern Farmhouse is also available, and it’s an ultra-modern and multifunctional space with a bolt-together frame, 6:12 slope main roof, and roughly 2,800 square feet of space available.

Detailed drawings are provided with the build, including engineered drawings for permitting.

Multiple large windows are incorporated into the design, including 3’ x 3’, 6’ x 3’ and 2’ x 7’ windows. Whether you’re looking for commercial, multifunctional or space for event venues, The Modern Farmhouse is a great option.

Heritage Building Systems has solutions for your next build. If you want a stunning steel building that has modern colors and an impeccable warranty, consider working with the team at Heritage.

Visit https://www.heritagebuildings.com/ for more information.