The Office Barn

The Office Barn by DC Structures

Located in the heart of Still Water, Oklahoma is a barn-style office that occupies 971 square feet, with a beautiful turquoise structure that is 24’ x 36’. The Office Barn makes use of its small size by offering wide-open spaces that allow for an abundance of light to shine into DC Structures’ Stillwater Barn.

Dual curtain glass walls and zero interior posts make the area feel spacious while offering a well-lit interior.

Office Barn Floor Plan

Chord roof trusses are used to add integrity to the building but remain concealed. The kit office is offered as a barn home kit that starts at:

  • 24’ x 36’
  • 26’9” ridge height
  • 1,101 square foot
  • One-bedroom design

Options and upgrades allow owners to make the space their own while the unit also features a standard 237 square foot lofted bedroom area.

Stillwater Barn Interior

The Office Barn’s main level offers:

  • Gas fireplace in the great room
  • Kitchenette with a spectacular farmhouse sink
  • Heavy timber mantle on the fireplace
  • Mechanical storage and equipment room
  • Powder room
  • Sitting area

Customizations were used to make the home fit into the owner’s unique design standards. The customization options include faux barnwood siding, custom cabinets and a variety of built-ins.

To make the concrete floor more appealing, it’s been stained a beautiful dark color that goes perfectly with the interior. The gas fireplace has a brick backing that goes all the way to the ceiling, and the stairs are tucked away in the corner.

Walking up to the loft, you can peer over the open railing to look down into the living room and will also see the exposed ventilation, which provides a true barn feel. On the bottom floor, the owners also chose to paint one of their doors a dark blue to provide a splash of color to the space.

Recessed lights are used in the kitchen minus the one pendulum light that hangs over the farmhouse sink, helping to bring the sink in focus.

Large-scale windows are also seen in the kitchen, above the door, in front of the sink and next to the prep area to provide as much natural light as possible to the home’s interior.

The Stillwater Office Barn is a mini masterpiece showing the immense possibilities when you maximize such a small space. Cozy yet functional, the barn provides superb natural light while allowing the owners to peer out into the surrounding landscape and enjoy the beauty that Oklahoma has to offer.

For more information or to build your own barn office, contact DC Structures.

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