the modern farmhouse kit by Heritage Buildings

The Modern Farmhouse Kit by Heritage Buildings

Heritage Buildings offers a number of barndominium kits, but the Modern Farmhouse is one of their most modern and versatile options. It’s the biggest and most luxurious of all their barndo kits.

Heritage Buildings Modern Barndo Kits

The Modern Farmhouse kit is a premium, ultra-modern barndo that offers plenty of opportunities for customization.

The farmhouse spans two stories and offers 2,800 square feet of living space. The main part of the barndo is 60’ long and 30’ wide. The side attached building is 40’4” in length and 25’ wide.

The main building has a roof slope of 6:12 and the side attached building has a roof slope of 2:12.

What Does the Kit Include?

The Modern Farmhouse kit includes the following:

  • Bolt-together frame
  • BattenLok® HS or PBR roof panels
  • Primary and secondary framing
  • Color trim
  • 16″ Designer™ Series or PBU wall panels
  • Horizontal slide and fixed windows
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Engineered sealed drawings for permits
  • Detailed erection drawings
  • Closures, screws, tape sealants and bolts

The kit also includes construction drawings and installation manuals. This particular barndo is based on the following loads:

  • Live load: 20 PSF
  • Wind load: 130 MPH
  • Exposure C
  • Ground snow load: 20 PSF

It’s important to note that no interior framing is provided, so you can customize the interior layout however you wish.

The Modern Farmhouse is available in more than 14 colors, including:

  • Koko brown
  • Hawaiian blue
  • Cobalt blue
  • Ash gray
  • Charcoal gray
  • Fern green
  • Crimson red
  • Solar white
  • Rustic red
  • Saddle tan
  • Burnished slate
  • Coal black
  • Polar white
  • Desert sand
  • Light stone

Trim is also available in all colors, so you can choose a complementing color or one that matches the rest of your building.

Customization Options

Heritage Buildings offers many customization options for the Modern Farmhouse kit and other barn floor plans.

Metal Roof

Heritage offers a few metal roof panel options, including:

  • PBR Panels, which have exposed fasteners
  • Double-Lok Panels, which are mechanically field-seamed
  • Ultra-Dek Panels, which are snap-together, standing seam panels
  • PBU Panels, which also have exposed fasteners

Their roof panels come in dozens of different colors, allowing you to customize your building further.

Additionally, Heritage has facade and mansard systems to help you add the finishing touches you want to your building. You can also customize your roof by adding purlin extensions or canopies.

Steel Wall Products

Heritage offers many options and upgrades for their steel wall products, including:

Wall Panels

  • PBR panels, which have aesthetically pleasing ridges
  • AVP wall panels with pencil ribs
  • PBU wall panels with exposed fasteners and a versatile design
  • Inset endwalls for storage, patio space and more
  • Masonry and stucco walls
  • Partitions to create rooms inside of your barndo

You can also find customization options for framed openings on walls with doors and windows. For example, if you need oversized framed openings, the company can create panels that meet your unique requirements.


Along with all of the customization options above, Heritage Buildings offers accessory options to complete the look and function of the building.

These include:

  • Insulation: Fiberglass or radiant
  • Vents: Circular or ridge
  • Walk doors
  • Windows
  • Skylights and wall lights
  • Trim options


Is a Foundation Plan Included?

No. Your foundation plan will need to be created according to your local soil conditions and zone. You will need a local engineer to provide the plan for you.

Does Heritage Unload the Building?

No. Buyers are responsible for unloading the building upon delivery, and you will need lifting equipment for the job. Heritage limits the weight of their bundles to 4,000 pounds. Typically, a boom truck or forklift with a spreader bar will be more than adequate.

What Materials Does Heritage Buildings Use for Their Structures?

Heritage Buildings uses steel for their panels and columns. Between 30% and 60% of the steel they use is recycled, and their products are nearly 100% recyclable.

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